About Tami

Tami Benjamin-Kanning has been a Licensed Electrologist since early 2006. She is licensed in both Oregon and Montana, with the required 600 hours that she received at The American Institute of Education in Long Beach, CA in 2005. She continues to expand her knowledge by attending seminars and continuing education in electrology, as well as many other medical and alternative medical treatments.

Tami working on a fellow student at The American Institute of Education

Tami became an electrologist following in her mother's and sister's footsteps. They have been practicing electrology for a combined 37 years! Doing electrolysis came naturally to Tami, having grown up around it and practicing on family since a young age. She jokes that it must be genetic.

Prior to becoming a licensed electrologist, Tami worked as an herbalist in Montana for 10 years. She owns an herbal manufacturing company called Body's Choice Herbs, that makes blends of herbs and flower essences in tincture form.

Tami is married and has three children. Tami enjoys travel, visiting the ocean and continuing to learn about indigenous plants & people, and about medicine and the human body.

"The most rewarding part of being an electrologist," she says, "is getting to watch my clients' self confidence grow with each treatment. The results can be enjoyed right away, and it is great to see them leaving happy. Whether it's because of self-consciousness, or just because it's convenient to have young eyes find those hairs, they all leave feeling better—and that's very gratifying!"

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